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Growing up, one of my favorite things to do, and something I still do when I go home today, is browse through my parents’ photo albums. These albums are how stories are told, and how forgotten memories are re-lived. Fortunately but unfortunately, today’s memories are captured digitally and usually stay in that format. Film cameras have become antiques and jokes are still made about the days when we toted disposable cameras to camp. But, in the end those memories were delivered to us in the form of prints. While they may have been stocked away in a box to collect dust, uncovering them years later is reliving your past all over again. Entire nights have been spent flipping through albums as we laughed at the outfits or hairdos that were once considered cool.

In thinking of the future, I hope I can give my future children & friends the same experience I had growing up. So, for the past year or so, I’ve been working on compiling my own album collection by thrifting old albums, and most importantly, taking my favorite memories and getting them printed. Luckily, I use a professional lab for photography so it wasn’t hard to find a way to get everything printed. I often get asked though, “where do you even get pictures printed these days?” I always tell people to avoid CVS or other drugstores since the instant printing there is pretty crappy.

In searching for a solution for my friends, I stumbled upon a new app and gave it a whirl. I initially thought the prints would come out crappy compared to my professional hookup, but I was pleasantly surprised! The app is called FREEPRINTS and allows you to order up to 80 free 4×6 prints each month. You only pay for shipping which differs depending on how many prints you actually order. Shipping ranges from $3.99 to $9.99 and I’ve done the math every time and it’s still cheaper than me ordering them through my lab.

Here’s why this app RULES:

  • Up to 80 free prints each month
  • You can grab photos from your iphones camera roll, dropbox, facebook, and instagram
  • They are shipped to you within about a week
  • The prints are printed on high-quality photo paper and have a matte finish (*key for looking classy*)
  • IT’S SO EASY.  Seriously – I do this at the end of each month while I’m laying in bed or traveling somewhere.  Takes 5 minutes

Some of the prints I’ve ordered: (PS. all of these were taken with my iPhone and edited with VSCO Cam – another great app)

camera app

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Download Here:  DOWNLOAD

Want 5 more free prints?  Use code: kpietrowski2 at checkout


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