DIY Bar Shelf

Making your own bar shelf is pretty darn easy.  We added ours after completing an entire wall of custom shelving and I’m so glad we did.  I thrifted most everything that lives on it and it’s been a super cheap project!  Here’s how I went about putting together the actual shelf.

  1. Measure the space you’re going to use and head to Home Depot.  I ended up buying 12″ wide pine.  It was wide enough to store a tray, all the liquor and screw in glass holders below it.
  2. Head to the wood cutting section in Home Depot and have them cut it to your measurement.
  3. Stain the piece of wood with your choice of stain.  Below is my personal favorite.
  4. Place your brackets & glassware racks on the wood so you can space them out properly.  Then, add in your stemware upside down so you can be sure they won’t be touching when you screw in the racks.
  5. Once everything is fitting nicely, screw in your stemware racks.  Make sure you buy screws short enough that they don’t poke through the top of the shelf.
  6. Screw in the brackets to the shelf and then screw into the wall.  I didn’t find studs for this but used super long screws.  If you can find studs, it’s ALWAYS best!
  7. Let your shelf stand and dry for a day and then style :)

before_shelf IMG_9374 IMG_9375


The finished product.IMG_6491barcart_2
List of supplies on good ole’ Amazon.



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