I want art to be more fun. More smiling. More laughing. Less…. “FRANcine can you belieeeve this piece? It’s about the socio-economic tragedies of the 17th century window washing community. The artist also cried 16 tears directly onto the painting – and it’s only $92,000!”


Less that.


Each piece is created without plan.


Once the first drops of paint hit the canvas, I blend, push, and scrape using brushes and other tools. Until it feels just right.


When the piece is finished, I stand up and look at the painting from every angle. What I see becomes the title of the piece.


If I see a bunny rabbit eating a twizzler while watching the sunset, that’s what I call the painting. It’s a way of naming it in the most elementary and literal way. Different people see different things, too. What do you see?


Hopefully these make you smile. Then hopefully you go home and make your own Literal Art.


-Katie P